We start our journey inside the experimental lab of professor Léon. Professor Léon and his Agent 04 have invited you to take part in an exclusive tour around there futuristic exhibition. You will experience new technology and see places you have never seen before. You will even meet his newest and greatest experiment: Project 13. A specially created cyborg which has the same character as the human brain. BUT just like on any other projects, professor Léon made some mistakes within the design for Project 13 which results in that the cyborg is going crazy and escaping while destroying most of the lab. As soon as the alarm bells go red and loud, Agent04 rushes into the building to get all of the visitors out of there and into the escape pods. Because the cyborg damaged a lot of the critical systems the escape pod goes into a wild ride through the outdoor area of the lab, before safely making a return back to the lab to end your tour.

Project 13 is still work in progress and coming soon to Lunarworld-Resort!

Von Patrick

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