Hi my name is Roste39 and I am part of the LunarWorld resort team. Quick background: we are a theme park server within the Minecraft community. Me and the team have been building in this map for at least 3 years now. Within the LunarWorld resort as we call it, we have the main theme park / Paradise falls our waterpark / Nightmare our Horror Halloween area and sunset boulevard our in game shopping area (the server only uses in game currency). We think it’s time to take the resort a step further into completion by finding a developer that can make our wildest dreams and the resort even more awesome. What can we offer you:

  • A fun team environment with people from different places around Europe.
  • A variety of interesting / challenging and fun developer tasks.
  • A prebuild map so no waiting before you can put your magic development touch in our server.
  • The developer rank on our server, discord and TeamSpeak which grants you behind the scene entrance to all our amazing rides and attractions.

What do we ask from you:

  • at least 16 years old
  • Can speak Dutch, English or German

Are you a motivated developer that wants to help us create a even more amazing experience for all our visitors. Make sure to contact me via discord or come online on the server. Other available positions we can use your help in: 3D modellers / Music artists / Map builders. We have a variety of challenges waiting for you some come check us out.

Want to take a look around? Join us now on: mc.theminetrack.de

Our discord: https://discord.gg/hBZ8vAA

Hope we can welcome you soon as a guest or as our new team member greetings Roste39.

(these aren’t jobs ore are any paid positions. There are solely for the fun of playing and creating within a team environment)

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